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6 Best GST Software for CA

GST has created a lot of burden on Chartered accountants as well as business organizations as it includes lot of compliances. The other tax liabilities

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6 Best TDS Software for CA

The best software can make your life easy and comfortable. Earlier, all the work was done manually. But after looking at today’s scenario, working manually

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GST on Job Work

As per Section 2 (68) of CGST Act “job work” means any treatment or process undertaken by a person on goods belonging to another registered

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Beginner’s Guide to GST

Beginner’s Guide to GST This guide is for businessmen and students who wants to have a basic working knowledge of GST. The guide is arranged

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GST on Import

Article 269A of constitution mandates that import of goods or services in India is considered as Inter-state trade. Therefore, import of goods or services is

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GST on Co-operative Housing Society

What is Co-operative Housing Society Co-operative housing societies are the entities registered under the co-operative laws of the respective state and which provide its member’s

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