Income Tax

Different types of ITR form available for Taxpayers

Each year, individuals earning income higher than the basic exemption limit are required to file their income tax returns (ITRs) online. If you belong to this category, and if you are not otherwise required to be audited under the Income Tax Act, 1961, you will generally need to file your

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Mistakes to Avoid While Filing Your ITR

Anyone whose total taxable income exceeds the basic exemption limit is required to file an Income Tax Return (ITR) during the relevant assessment year. If your total taxable income also exceeds the tax-free limit, you may have to pay income tax. In addition to this, it is also mandatory to

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Save TDS on FD Interest with Form 15G and 15H

TDS, also known as Tax Deducted at Source is a direct taxation mechanism that facilitates direct tax collection from the source at the time of the income payout. The deducted TDS amount will be remitted to the Central Government. TDS is levied on a number of income avenues such as

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Indian Income Tax Reflects on Online Casino Gamblers

As in many Asian countries, online gambling has been on the rise in the last several years in India. At the same time, India has very complex gambling laws and regulations, alongside quite a few gambling restrictions that possibly undermine the industry’s amazing growth potential. When discussing the legality of

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Are Winnings from Online Betting taxable in India?

Following an increasing internet penetration in India, more and more Indians are beginning to make use of so-called online betting sites which allow users to place bets on popular sporting events from India and around the world and potentially win money. As with all activities that have an element of

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Taxability of Salary and Other Income for Seafarers

Taxability of Salary Income As per Section 5(2), the total income of any financial year who is a non-resident includes all the incomes from whatever source derived which – is received or deemed to be received in India or arise in India during such financial year. accrue or arises or

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Filing Income Tax Return (ITR) for Seafarer

As per Section 139(1)(b), every individual, if his total income exceeds the maximum amount which is not chargeable to income tax shall file his return before giving any benefits of any deduction under Chapter VI-A (like LIC, medical premium, school fees etc. provided under section 80) shall furnish his return

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Residential Status for Seafarers (Merchant Navy)

Residential status is the most important concept for income tax applicability on seafarers. It is required to find out for every financial year to compute your tax in India. If you are a non-resident for a financial year then your salary receipts are not taxable in India whereas if you

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Type of Bank Accounts for Seafarers

Non-resident seafarers are allowed to have various types of bank account as follows: – Non-resident Ordinary Account (NRO) It is a rupee-denominated saving account for managing income earned in India by the non-resident. Interest earned on this account is not tax-free and TDS is deducted by the bank @ 31.2%.

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Income Tax Guide 2021 (FY 20-21) for Indian Seafarer (Merchant Navy)

Meaning of Seafarer A sailor, seaman, mariner or a seafarer is a person who navigates water bone vessels or assists as a crew member in their operation and maintenance. Seafarer holds a variety of ranks and professions, each of which carries unique responsibilities which are integral to the successful operation

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