7 Best Accounting Softwares in India (Updated 2024 List)

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A number of business accounting software are available in market these days but quite few of them satisfies the customer’s needs in an easy way. A number of software has emerged in the past few years which makes the competition tough for market leaders like Tally.

Businesses starts preferring online application due to several benefits such as anywhere access, auto backup etc. If you are still confused about which is best for you then read our guide – Accounting Software or Online Accounting Application

Small businesses generally required entering of simple transactions and generation of basic reports. They are not required to have a complex ERP package. Their aim is to know their sale, purchase, cash balances and to complete their legal formalities.

We have compiled the list of most reputed and used accounting software used mainly in small and medium enterprises.

1. Refrens

Refrens is a comprehensive business operating software relied on by freelancers, agencies, and consultants across 178 countries. It offers cloud-based accounting tools that streamline invoicing, and expense tracking, and provide detailed financial reports such as balance sheets, profit and loss statements, and GST returns.

Trusted by over 150,000 businesses in more than 170 countries and rated 4.8 by over 11,700 users, Refrens ensures GST compliance while simplifying accounting tasks. As a leading online accounting software, Refrens helps businesses achieve financial clarity and growth.

It integrates GST invoicing, e-invoicing, e-way bills, inventory, and expense management into one platform, making it ideal for small to medium-sized businesses, consultants, startups, and import/export companies. Refrens offers user-friendly features and robust reporting capabilities. Additional features include support for multiple businesses, an intuitive interface, multi-language accessibility, and 24/7 customer support. Capterra has recognized Refrens for “Best Ease of Use” and “Best Value.”


  • Comprehensive Accounting 
  • Seamless Banking and Payments 
  • Simplified Reporting 
  • Effective Inventory and Expense Management


  • Limited Trial Period
  • Some advanced features are only accessible in paid plans.

2. Tally

No doubt Tally is the most famous and widely known accounting software in India for over two decades. Starting with the MS-DOS based edition tally has seen many changes and is now a complete ERP package in itself. Bundled with the VAT reports from all the states of India, the latest version is Tally ERP 9. Single-user version is priced at Rs. 21,000 and multi-user version is at Rs. 62,000, which is quite on the higher side and also rs. 4,000 per year if you want to get updates. You can also use remote desktop version in which you can access tally from a remote location but your server should be switched on for the whole time.

Being highly priced it is also the most pirated software in India. But a huge number of users of pirated version reports corruption of data, data mismatching and loss of data. We highly recommend to use only the licensed version of Tally.


  1. Larger Acceptibilty
  2. Good for business with huge transactions (> 50,000 per year)


  1. Expensive Option for Basic users
  2. Hard to learn for newbie

3. Busy

Busy is famous for its inventory features. It provides its software in three versions basic, standard and enterprise. Price exclusive of taxes are rs. 7,200, 13,500 and 19,800 respectively for aforementioned versions.The company claims to have more than 6,00,000 users.


  1. Good inventory features
  2. Wide acceptiblity
  3. Feature rich


  1. Typical concepts in some features

4. Zohobooks

Zohobooks accounting software is another famous accounting software in India. Zoho company is mainly famous for its CRM but now company is targeting its accounting software in Indian Market. However it has some confusing working pattern and may sound confusing to Indian accountants.


  1. Anywhere access
  2. Good support
  3. Reasonable price


  1. Quite hard to learn as using US accounting concepts
  2. Hard to setup

5. Marg

Marg is another windows based software which is mainly used in specific sectors like pharmacy, jewellery etc. Although, it is a general accounting software and can be used by any business.

6. Vyapar

Vyapar is a relatively new accounting software. It is available in desktop version and also as a mobile app. Although this software is more famous for its mobile app, its desktop version is also decent.

Any web app is not available yet.

Pricing is Rs. 599 and 699 for mobile app only and 2799 and 3499 for mobile + desktop version. 3 year discounted versions are also available.

Persons who have less access to desktop/laptop and more to their mobile can choose this option.

7. Saral

Saral is also a famous accounting software in some niche industries. Its pricing starts from 7500 to 25000 for first time and then 2500 to 8000 per year for renewal for different plans.

There are more than 100 accounting software and web applications providing accounting services in India.

A comparison of the above mentioned software is given to help you choose the right application for you and you can also read our article to know which is better Accounting Software or Online Accounting Application.

 Basis Tally Marg Busy Zohobooks
Deployment Offline* Offline Offline Online
Suitable for sectors Trader,
Trader &
Service Provider
Service Provider &
Service Provider
Accounting Concepts Indian Indian Indian US/UK
Pricing (Basic Version) 21,000+ (Unlimited companies) 8900+ 7,200+ (Unlimited companies) 2950/year
Multi User Separate Version (Rs. 65,000+) Available Separate Version (Rs. 33,750+) Available
Data Backup Manual Manual Manual Available
Inventory Management Available Available Available Available

*Online remote desktop version is available in Tally.
+ Pricing of basic version. Higher price plans are available.

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