Amazon, Flipkart, other Online Platforms – Profit & GST Calculator

  GST Rate Price Excluding GST Price Including GST
Selling Price (A)
Less: Expenses of Online Platforms (Flipkart, Amazon, Snapdeal etc.)
Fixed Fee
Shipping Charges
Other Charges
Total Expense of Online Platforms (B)
Purchase cost (C)
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GST Calculation
GST collected on sales
GST paid on Online Platform expenses
GST paid on purchases
GST TCS held by Online Platform
GST Payable to Government (D)
Cash Flow
Selling Price (A)
Less: Total Expense of Online Platforms (B)
Less: TCS
Amount Receivable from e-commerce portal
Less: Purchase Cost (C)
Less: GST Payable to Government (D)

How to Use this Calculator

First select the GST rate for selling price. Enter the amounts in Price excluding GST column or Price including GST column, other amount will be calculated automatically.

Click the Calculate button to calculate Net profit, GST payable to government and cash flow.

GST Payable to Government

If GST payable to government comes as negative, it means that we has extra input tax credit then the GST payable.

While calculating the cash flow, if GST payable is negative then we takes it as zero. Concept behind this is that such amount will not be given back to you by government in cash instantly. You can get refund of such amount only in case of inverted duty structure.

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How to Calculate profit for selling on online platforms like Amazon, Flipkart etc?

Deduct the purchase price, commission, delivery charges from selling price to calculate gross profit. Use GST excluding amounts to calculate profit.

How to Calculate GST payable to government?

Deduct the GST on purchase price, commission, delivery charges and other expenses, TCS from GST charged on Sales to arrive at GST payable to government.