GST & Income Tax Portal's Login Tool

GST & Income Tax Portal's Login Tool

Auto-Sync username and password between unlimited computers
using Chrome & Firefox Extensions

Save minimum 20 hours every month

Sign up using your computer for 30 days free trial

How it works

multi level security

We have used multiple level security to keep your client data safe. We used highly secured Amazon Server along with security key to keep all of your data in encrypted format.

2 Minutes Setup

Very easy to signup and start going. Once you sign up, you can add clients manually or import them via excel. The next step is to install the extension and you are done!‚Äč

SuppoRT MUlti Browser

You can download our Chrome and Mozilla Firefox extension to login into GST and Income Tax web portal. We are working ahead to cover more browsers.

save time in login

On an average, we require to login at least 36 times in a year in GST and 4 times in Income tax. With this tool you can save at least 16 minutes each year for every client.

excel import

You can easily import all of your client GST and Income Tax login credentials via excel file in few mins or you can add each client manually one by one.

invite users

You can easily invite unlimited number of user like your colleagues, partners, employees, articles etc to access your client login details anywhere and use it for quick login.

Get the demo

Our team member will show on your computer via anydesk how it works

User Says

It is awesome. Save lot of time especially for GST as I cannot copy paste login details and have to type manually every time. Thanks
Praveen Singh
Chartered Accountant
Awesome tool. Quick, easy and flawless.
Mohd. Akbar
Perfect solutions in a very reasonable price. Save lot of hours every month which is wasted in log in.
Kunal Sharma
GST Consultant
You made my life simple. Keep adding new feature sir!
S K Agarwal
Chartered Accountant



Free Forever


Rs 1999 per year

30 Days Free Trial Without Any Limit


Rs 7999 for 10 year

30 Days Free Trial Without Any Limit

GST @ 18% extra

Frequently asked questions

If you have a client which have login details for GST then it will be counted only under GST and same goes for Income Tax. However, if the client have login details under GST as well as Income Tax then it will be counted under both.

Right now we are providing Income Tax and GST login management. We are working ahead to cover Traces login.

We have Chrome and Mozilla extension for login right now.

No, we do not have any hidden charges or extra fee for anything apart from paid plan charges.

It is free for unlimited time. There is no expiry. The only limitation is the number of clients which are restricted to 50 under Income Tax and 50 under GST.


Upgrade to paid query in Rs. 499 and get answer within 24 hours

NOTE - You may get answer to free queries within 30 working days