6 Best TDS Software for CA

The best software can make your life easy and comfortable. Earlier, all the work was done manually. But after looking at today’s scenario, working manually may consume a lot of time. The software will make things less time-consuming. Moreover, with the introduction of IFRS and other taxation and accounting amendments, things have become complex. It can be better handled through software. Software is required for filing income tax return, TDS return, ESI, GST returns PF, etc. There are many benefits of using software if they are compatible with your requirements and user friendly. It will make systematic records for you that are easily accessible and will be helpful in the future.

A CA or tax practitioner firm requires a good GST software, income tax software, tds software and also a good practice management software. Check out office management software by TaxAdda know as TaxAdda PMS and see how it can help in managing your practice and staff in an efficient way.

Following is the list of best TDS software:

TDSMAN software

TDSMAN comes in different versions such as standard, professional, enterprise, etc. and its pricing starts from Rs. 4200. The price will increase according to the version purchased. It is specially designed to meet the requirements specified by NSDL. It facilitates e-TDS & e-TCS return generation for a different type of forms such as 24Q, 26Q, 27EQ, 27Q. You can even generate TDS as well as TCS certificates easily from this software. The following are the benefits that raise its demand:

  • It provides power-packed convenience to the user. It covers all financial years and supports unlimited deductors. The records are maintained properly. The limit of records that can be kept depends upon the version purchased by you.
  • Data can be easily imported and exported. It can be used by multi-users if you are buying a multi-user version
  • You can easily do default analysis with this software like late payment interest calculations, late fee calculations, late deduction interest calculations, challan validation, PAN verification, etc.
  • You can use it seamlessly as it will provide reminders for compliances, auto-update the software as well as file validation utility, etc.

You can buy this software and check its features in detail through this page.

Saral TDS software

Saral TDS software is available for different purposes like professional, corporate, institutional, etc. You can even get a custom one that can be designed as per your requirements. It’s pricing starts from Rs 4950 and will vary according to the features purchased. The details of the product are given on this page. You can visit and select the features you want to buy. It is in demand because of the following reasons:

  • You can do PAN verification, get regular statements, and make corrections easily in returns.
  • TDS returns can be filed accurately and without any hassle. You can even do challan verification, check TDS rates, and thresholds.
  • Data can be easily imported as well as exported. It provides an auto challan linking feature that can be verified also.
  • You can get detailed MIS reports, proper backup and restore feature, inbuilt Java.
  • It will provide a full history of e-returns filed, TAN based file management, and a list of Tin facilitation centers too.

There are a lot more benefits offered in this software that will help in easy filing of TDS return. You can buy all those features that will make your task easy.

Zen E-TDS software

It is a user friendly and easily accessible software that will make the TDS return filing task easy. You can buy this software through its official website. Its starting price is Rs. 4500 but it’s not fixed. The price will vary according to the version bought by you. Its major features that will save your time are given below:

  • It will not only prepare but even validate the e-return file.
  • Various forms can be generated such as Form 16, 16A, 15G/H, 26Q, 24Q, 24G, 49B, etc.
  • It prepares multiple correction statement that will keep records and error tracking in returns
  • It will identify the wrong PAN through the PAN verification feature
  • Various MIS reports are prepared such as salary report, challan report, return the status report, Statement analysis report, etc.
  • Its online features include uploading TDS statements, new deductor registration, PAN verification, Challan verification, and TAN registration, etc.
  • A bank code list is available in this software and data can be easily imported as well as exported.
  • It will do a monthly calculation of TDS that will make return filing less time-consuming.


CompuTDS is available for preparing various tasks and is available in the market at the starting price of Rs. 4500/-. You can buy it online through this page. The following are the features that make this software popular among CAs:

  • You can prepare E-TDS and E-TCS returns very easily and make corrections in different forms such as 24Q, 26Q, 27Q, 27EQ, 26QA, etc.
  • Automatic preparation of various forms such as 15G, 15H, 15I, and 15J.
  • Data import and export without any hassle
  • TAN registration along with the preparation of TAN application and modification
  • Maintenance of records, e-payment of challan, Generation of digitally signed form 16/ 16A
  • Generation of TDS/TCS certified forms 27D, 12BA, 16 and 27A

CompuTDS will make your task easy and less time-consuming. You can focus on other issues that will lead to the growth of your firm. You can focus on making more and more clients. Moreover, if you are providing accurate work in lesser time, more clients will get attracted.


Clear TDS is a very popular e-TDS return preparation software that not only helps in TDS return filing but also other important tasks that are time-consuming if done manually. It is available for individuals as well as businesses with a starting price of Rs. 1500. It is online software that is not required to be downloaded on your computer. 

You can use this software online through this page. Let’s discuss its benefits that will make your task easy:

  • You can prepare e-TDS statements online and can even make corrections if necessary.
  • A single click will enable you to prepare, merge, and email form 16 and 16A.
  • You can even generate an FUV file which is required for various forms such as 27Q, 27EQ, 24Q, and 26Q.
  • You can do PAN verification in bulk and find all the information of deductors.
  • This same TDS software will not only generate FUV online but also will submit it.
  • You can save your money by using all unconsumed challans and its early warning system will inform you in advance whenever you receive a TDS notice from TRACES.
  • It will alert you when the due date of paying TDS will come and if deductions made in TDS returns are short.


WinTDS is a software offered by Winman that can be used for TDS return preparation, generation, and e-filing. You can easily generate various TDS forms such as Form 16/ 16A, 24Q, 27Q, 27EQ, 26Q, etc. This software is very user friendly. With minimum key operations, you can generate maximum output. You can buy it through this page. It is available at a starting price of Rs. 13500/- where you will get GST as well as income tax features along with TDS tools. There is no confusion in data entry as a result work can be done faster. The following are the features of this software:

  • It helps in e-return filing and generating various TDS forms.
  • It offers various useful online tools such as PAN /TAN verification, challan adding facility, downloading forms such as 16/16A, Direct access to TAN registration, etc.
  • It will make import and export easier for you. You can generate TDS reports and even view changes made while filing revised TDS returns
  • You can even use other tools provided by WinTDS such as IFSC code list, TDS rates, File locking after the generation of e-return, auto-saving data, auto diagnostic and repairing, integration with cloud data services, etc.
  • The updates in the software will be auto-downloaded automatically and updated status will be displayed for your knowledge.
  • You can even enjoy e-services such as e-payment, message service, submitting payment details, registration on renewal, etc.

Software is many in the market but it is the choice that matters. If the selected software is customized one it will be very useful for your business. The standard software also works best if they are fulfilling your requirements. The software that boosts the growth of your firm by saving time should be bought. The clients need faster results and with the help of software, you can provide them not only accurate but faster results. This way clients will increase and automatically the success and growth of your firm will increase.

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