11 Best Income Tax Software for CA

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Today everybody wants ready data that makes their task easy and less time-consuming. Work in different organizations is done using different capable software. Even Chartered accountants are working using tax-related software instead of working manually.

Most of the Chartered Accountants prefer to use different software for their work. It saves their time and manual efforts are reduced to a great extent. You can accurately calculate income tax, advance tax, TDS, wealth tax, etc. The chances of human error are minimized and accurate results are ensured. The records of the clients are saved in the software. You do not need to add the details every time and you can access the records anytime for any requirement.

A CA or tax practitioner firm requires a good GST software, income tax software, tds software and also a good practice management software. Check out office management software by TaxAdda know as TaxAdda PMS and see how it can help in managing your practice and staff in an efficient way.

There are many income tax software available in the market for Chartered Accountants. The selection can be done based on the work requirement so that it serves the purpose in a better way. Let’s discuss some of the best income tax software that a CA can use for its official work:

Genius by sag infotech

Genius software is for those who cannot afford errors in their work. It works with perfection and provides the facility of directly uploading return from the software for e-filing. Gen IT software is the subsidiary of Genius which is another popular income tax software used by the Chartered Accountants. The benefits that are behind the success of Gen IT software are:

  • You can do bulk e-filing with the help of the ERI facility provided by this software.
  • It provides ITD web service with the help of which you can quickly upload the return
  • Every provision related to set off losses, clubbing of incomes, chapter VIA deductions, rebates, arrears, etc. are taken care of by this software.
  • It provides automated returns and calculates relevant ratios also.
  • It provides the option of Bulk verification and generate various MIS reports such as refund status, pending returns, filed returns with dates, etc.
  • PAN application through form 49A, changes, and correction in PAN and its online submission

Price – Rs. 5000 at time of installation and 2500 per year for updation

Website – https://saginfotech.com/genit.aspx

Our Rating – 4.3/5

CompuTax Software

CompuTax is a very popular software among Chartered Accountants, It makes the preparation and filing of returns very easy. You can even prepare Balance Sheets and Profit & Loss accounts as per revised schedule VI and various audit reports with the help of CompuTax. The following are the benefits that are provided by CompuTax Software:

  • You can do PAN verification very easily as all the data such as PAN, TAN, NSC details, MAT credits, etc. are automatically transferred.
  • TDS returns can be filed without much effort as all data related to TDS returns such as Advance tax, TCS, self-assessment tax from 26 AS, etc. are transferred.
  • Along with the computation of taxes, it will take care of deductions, set off losses, clubbing, carry forward losses, etc.

You can say it is a complete package for Chartered Accountants with the help of which they can get themselves automated and reduce manual efforts.

Price – Rs. 4500 per year

Website Page – https://www.computaxonline.com

Our Rating – 4.1/5

Taxcloudindia by Cleartax

Taxcloudindia is a software by cleartax. It is one of the limited cloud based applications present in market.

Features –

Pre-Fill Your Client’s Return – Get pre-filled data directly from the government portal in one click. File IT returns in 2 minutes.

Directly File Without Client’s XML. – TaxCloud has an ERI license that allows you to directly e-file returns.

Computation Report For All Your Clients – Edit and share with your clients.

Price – Rs. 6000 per year

Product page – https://taxcloudindia.com/

Our Rating – 3.3/5

KDK Software

KDK software is another old company providing Income tax and related softwares from a long time. This is an offline software and you have to installed it in your windows computer. Mac option is not available. The main issue with this software is the support, which many users complain about.

Price – Rs. 5400 per year

Product Page – http://www.kdksoftware.com/zen_Income_Tax.html

Easy office- Complete tax solution

Easy Office helps in the completion of various tasks such as income tax returns, TDS returns, balance sheet preparation, and Audit reports without much effort. You can meet all the compliances required in taxation with the help of this software. Many chartered accountants use this software and they trust its results. It is an example of accuracy, user-friendliness, and exceptional quality of work. It is complete tax management and office management for professionals working in the field of taxation. The modules provided in this software include:

  • Income tax
  • TDS
  • Balance Sheet and audit reports
  • Office Management utilities
  • CMA data

Price – 1900 (100 assessess) or Rs. 2900 (unlimited assessess)

Product Page – http://www.electrocom.in/incometaxsoftware.php

Saral Tax Office 

 As the name suggests, Saral tax office software will completely automate the process of return preparation and computation of tax. It includes the ITR filing option also. You can say it will automate all the tax-related work and manual efforts are reduced to the minimum. The exclusive benefits that are provided by this software are:s

  • Calculation of all type of perquisites exemptions
  • Calculation of taxes
  • Calculation of all type of allowances exemptions
  • Calculation of depreciation
  • Calculation of NSC interest
  • Capital gain calculations with indexation, STT, etc.
  • Special rate taxes and rebates calculation
  • Gratuity calculation, arrears, and relief, etc.
  • Presumptive incomes, partnership incomes, and many more

Price – Rs. 5500 per year (Single user) Rs. 8800 per year (mult user)

Product Page – https://www.saraltaxoffice.com/income-tax-software

EZ Tax

In this software, the complete return filing process from login to e-filing can be done within minutes. It is the modern tax engine that works amazingly well for CA firms. You can say it is the easiest and comprehensive tax filing portal that will help in planning, filing, and saving taxes. It is a highly satisfying tax portal and growing very fast because of the following reasons:

  • It is highly secure, comprehensive, and accurate. The results will give you peace of mind.
  • It will save you time and money. No need to visit tax consultants again and again
  • It gives accurate results for all income levels
  • It is easy to file the belated or revised return through this portal along with the original return
  • It will give you a true self-service filing experience. This software is used by the topmost CA firms
  • It provides an Audit checker that will help in preventing IT notices

Price – Rs. 30 per filing

Product Page – https://eztax.in/free-tax-filing-software-for-ca-trp

Zen Easy tax software

It will take care of your statutory deductions along with the calculation of income and taxes. The set-off provisions in case of losses, clubbing of income in case of a minor, calculation of rebates, etc. All these things are taken care of by this software. Other benefits that are provided by this software are:

  • Computation of income of Foreign Company, Non-residents, and Trust while complying with all related provisions
  • Calculation of interest u/s 234A, 234B & 234C
  • Automatic return preparation
  • Easy Import of P&L and Balance sheet
  • Automatic form 10E preparation and calculation of relief u/s 89(1)
  • Automatic preparation of form 29B and MAT calculation
  • Various MIS reports such as Pending return list, filed returns, refunds, etc.
  • Back and restore facility of client data
  • E-payment of taxes and preparation of challans
  • MICR code list
  • Preparation of final accounts including trading, P&L, balance sheet, capital accounts, etc.


It is a state tax return edition that helps in filing state tax return forms. The information is easily transferred from Federal tax return and the state tax return is filed in very less time. It is highly acceptable because it provides proper guidance while preparing tax. Other benefits provided by this software are:

  • Easy data transfer for filing different returns
  • Comprehensive error checking
  • Quick refunds and rewards
  • Ensures accuracy and save a lot of time as data is automatically transferred

IT Software is many as discussed above but the selection of the best one is in your hands. The software that suits you in every aspect such as price, time-saving, and features, etc. must be selected. There is no use of paying a higher price for software just because it is popular if it is not serving your purpose. If all the features are available in one software and you need not spend money on buying different software for different work, it is the best option for you. After buying a software, get trained yourself about all of his features if you want its best use. It will prevent loss of data in the future as lesser knowledge of something can lead to bad outcomes.

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Confused about complicated laws? Take our GST consultation services to get your issues solved from GST experts. Click here to know more.

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