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Income tax guide for Indian Freelancers

1. What is freelancing? 2. How freelancer earns? 3. Accounting for freelancer 4. GST on Freelancer 5. Income Tax on Freelancer What is freelancing? Freelancer is a person who is self-employed and generally works on project basis or assignment basis for clients. …

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Taxability of Alimony

Meaning of Alimony Any sum of money (recurring or lump sum) received from spouse after legal separation or divorce for the purpose of maintenance of spouse or child. Taxability in hand of the recipient There is no specific provision which governs the …

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Statement of Financial Transactions in Form 61A

Statement of Financial Transactions (previously called Annual Information Return – AIR) is to be filed by specified persons in respect of specified financial transactions in Form no. 61A. Form 61A can be filed only electronically and with use of digital signature (DSC). Last …

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