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TDS from Salary 192
TDS from amount paid from Recognized Provident Fund 192A
TDS from Interest on Securities 193
TDS on Dividend 194
TDS on Interest other than Interest on Securities 194A
TDS from winning of lotteries or crossword puzzles 194B
TDS on payment to contractor or sub-contractor 194C
TDS from insurance commission 194D
TDS on Payment in respect of Life Insurance Policies 194DA
TDS on Commission or Brokerage 194H
TDS on Rent 194I
TDS on Transfer of Immovable Property 194IA
Fees for Professional or Technical Services 194J
TDS from compensation payable on compulsory acquisition of immovable property 194LA
TDS from Income from Units of Business Trust 194LBA
TDS on payment to non-resident 195
No TDS or TDS at lower rate by certificate of Assessing Authority 197
Collection of Tax at Source (TCS) 206C
Form 15G & Form 15H
Complete Guide for Persons who Receives Form 15G or Form 15H
TDS/TCS Certificate
TDS rates table
TDS Payment and Interest on Late Payment
TDS Return
Consequences on late deposit of TDS and late/wrong filing of TDS Return 201,234E,271H
TDS from Salary to Partner
TDS on Payment to Google Adwords for Advertisement

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