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How to check the TDS credit in your account

How to Check TDS Credit

Step 1 – Go to https://incometaxindiaefiling.gov.in/e-Filing/UserLogin/LoginHome.html
View 26AS - Step 1


Step 2 – Enter the login details. If you haven’t registered you PAN number then you can register yourself via https://incometaxindiaefiling.gov.in/e-Filing/Registration/RegistrationHome.html

Step 3 – Once you successfully logged in, then select View Form 26AS (Tax Credit) under My Account option
View 26AS - Step 3


Step 4 – The website will then ask for confirmation which you should Confirm.
View 26AS - Step 4


Step 5 – Now select the checkbox for usage and acceptance of Form 16/16 A and click on Proceed
View 26AS - Step 5


Step 6 – Then click on View Tax Credit (Form 26AS)
View 26AS - Step 6


Step 7 – Now you can select the Assessment Year for which you want to check out the TDS deposited by the deductor.View 26AS - Step 7


Notes – Form 26AS shows only those TDS entries which has been deposited to the account of central government by deductor.

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