Place of Supply of Goods/Services under GST

GST is a consumption based tax. So the tax should be received by the government of the state or union territory where goods/services are consumed. So there should be proper determination of the place where supply took place. Also there is a requirement to determine whether sales is within state

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Accounting Entries under GST

Accounting Entries by Businesses other than those Registered under Composition Scheme The Accounts to be maintained by a normal dealer are Input CGST A/c Input SGST A/c Input IGST A/c Output CGST A/c Output SGST A/c Output IGST A/c GST Payable The person who is registered in Union Territory has to

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Invoicing under GST

Format of Invoice as per GST Rules – Invoice Format HSN Codes Requirement in Invoice Invoicing for Sales of Goods Invoicing for providing Services Details to be mentioned Manner of issuing Revision of Invoices issued before issue of registration certificate Invoices not required to be issued below specified amount Bill

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Accounts and Records to be maintained under GST

Requirements Regarding Maintenance of Accounts Additional Requirements for an Agent Additional Requirements for Work Contractor Person operating a warehouse and transporter Commissioner’s Power regarding Accounts Maintenance Rules Retention of accounts and records Requirements Regarding Maintenance of Accounts Every registered person is required to maintain at his principal place of business,

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Time of Taxation under GST

Time of Supply of Goods Time of supply of goods is earlier of the following dates- Date of invoice Last date on which invoice is required to issue under section 31(1). Invoicing in GST The date on which seller receives the payment The date on which the supplier receives the

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TCS under GST by E-commerce Operator

Electronic commerce operator like amazon, flipkart are required to collect Tax Collection at Source (TCS) at the rate of one percent of the net sales of goods or services made through their platform. Tax is to be collected only on the amount which is collected by the operator itself. Calculation

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