Features of Practice Management Software for CA

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Task Management

Smart Task Creator

  • Create return task for all clients in one go.

System also considers registration date and cancellation date while creating task. For example: if a GSTIN is registered on 5th July 2020 and you are creating GSTR-3B task for June 2020 then such client will be ignored automatically.

Due date for the task will also be shown automatically. In case of GSTR-3B, state and turnover will also be considered to show staggered due dates.

Although, you can change them manually.

Duplicate return task will not be created in any case.

You can also create any other task by selecting other task.

You can allot them to users, mark priority tasks with star. You can also do these actions at any point of time.

Task List

All the task listed, sorted with due date. You can mark a task as star or change status, due date, user. You can also add comments.

A task may be alloted to one or more users.

You can also search on basis of status, return type (GSTR-1, GSTR-3B etc.), due date, users, star, period, date of adding task etc.

GST Return task will be marked as completed only after confirmation from GSTIN

TaxAdda PMS has a very special feature for GST returns. Often times it happens that a person marks wrong return as completed in excel sheet. For example: A person files return of Abhishek Singh of GSTR-3B for March 20 but it mistakenly completes GSTR-3B task of Abhishek Singhania, while GSTR-3B of Abhishek Singhania is still pending.

When a user tries to mark a GST return task as completed then system checks the status of such return from GSTN and marks it as completed only afterwards. We use GSTN authorized APIs, so data is always correct and up to date. You can even confirm it by filing a return and check its status after 2 seconds.

You can check the return filing date by taking mouse to the completed status.


Each change in a task is recorded as an activity. You can track the progress of the task and also set responsibility of your team by seeing activity. For example: An other task is marked as Completed, but it is not completed in actual. You can see from activity, which member of your team had marked it as completed.


Comments can be added for a task by any user. It is useful to keep notes and information related to that task. Team members need not call or message each other for asking information related to a task.

GST Return Status

Check GST return status of a client from 1st July 2017. The status are fetched from GSTN server directly. So no chance of mistake.

Client Page

There is a page for every client, where you will find all information and task for that client. 

You can check GST return status from 1st July 2017, by clicking GST return status button.

Click on call icon after mobile number to call from your mobile (You must be login in google account with same email id in browser and in mobile). Click on email icon after email id to open gmail/outlook/apple mail etc with email id autofilled in “To”.

You can view and process tasks from here also.



On dashboard, you will see tasks pending on you. Number of task statuswise, userwise.  GST and Income tax return task pending for each month/quarter/year. DSC which are expired or are going to be expired soon. Click on any row to view the tasks or more information.

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