National Skills Registry (NSR)

What is National Skills Registry (NSR)?

National Skills Registry is a scheme undertaken by NASSCOM, which is an head authority for all the IT / ITeS / BPO companies in India. NSR is an online database operated and maintained by National Database Management Limited (NDML) comprising furnished details of prospective as well as existing employees of IT & ITeS/BPO organizations. The agenda of NSR taken by the NASSCOM is to validate the sourcing of employees which in turn raises the confidence of MNCs to rely upon Indian technical candidates for sourcing of multi national IT projects and assignments.

The proposal of NSR was from NASSCOM in view of rising demand of trustworthy employees with totally verified documents and background verification. The initiative has been termed as ‘Trusted Sourcing’ as it will reflect the industry as responsible and safe for outsourcing and projects of overseas clients. It also helps to maintain standards of Indian IT industry in front of global corporates with the assurance of data safety and quality services, drawing them projects and assignments by the means of outsourcing.

What are the details stored in NSR profile and for what kind of usage?

The NSR profile comprises of each candidate’s fact sheet including personal details, complete qualifications and career oriented past experience along with photographs, everything documented appropriately. The data is available for verification by the prospective company if authorized by the registered candidate while at the same time, the system gathers the source of verifying authority for future references. All the employers which are registered under NSR can avail the required information of the candidate for further usage.

What is the benefit of registering under NSR?

The candidate will be considered primarily with the registered leading companies who prefer the candidate to be in line with NSR registration. As the companies rely on the information provided by the NSR regarding the candidate as all the background verification is done on behalf of the organization by the NSR authority itself. Also, the credibility of a candidate manifolds with the NSR registration as resumes are verified and cross checked, discarding any possibility of fake registration. This gives authenticity to the profile of the registered candidate making him much more eligible in front of other non-registered candidates.

While the IT and ITeS organizations find it easy to recruit the candidates quickly with their NSR done as it is beneficial for both the candidate and the company to finalize the hiring process as soon as possible without giving much of the time in background verification.

How to create a profile on NSR?

Open NSRs official website i.e., and click on the link ‘ Register for NSR’. After which the website will take the candidate through the procedure of registration. There are some important guidelines which should be taken care of:

  • Acknowledge the terms and conditions of registration and database usage
  • Mention the details of the company for which the registration is being done
  • The credentials must be accurate and latest avoiding any mismatch errors in the form
  • Submit the registration form along with the registration fees. Don’t forget to take down the password for further accessing the profile
  • Payment can be done through debit card online, after which an acknowledgement form will be generated. Take a print out of that form and attest your photograph with signature

Also note that the NSR conducts biometric registration for the purpose of maintaining the individuality of every registered candidate. NSR has deployed POS for taking fingerprints of the candidates at which the candidate must reach with its acknowledgement form, ID proof, employer’s ID card (if generated), registration fees (if not paid online).

All the registration procedures will be done online along with a single visit to point of service (POS) for biometrics. The NSR registered companies finds it easy to cut short candidates through this reliable database and gives them assurity while hiring for their sensitive work profiles.

What is the annual fee for maintaining NSR profile?

Along with the Initial fees of INR 400, (Registration INR 300 + first year usage fee of INR 100 along with applicable taxes). After which, every year there is an annual usage fee of INR 100 + tax applicable for the maintenance of profile.

More detailed charges can be checked here

How National Skills Registry marks in the career ?

NSR is the best practise carried out by NASSCOM to validate the background of professionals. It will stamp the fact sheet of the candidates who registers under this initiative and make them more prospective for the clients who look out for verified resume.

How a candidate can verify his documents and background along with charges and verification results?

A candidate can get his verification done by registering a request at the NSR profile. After which the candidate will be given choice to select the documents and background details which are to be verified. The portal will then assign empanelled background checking authority and will notify the concerned EBC and the candidate by an email regarding the further process.

The email will be stating all the required documents and the charges associated with the verification. The charges may be varied according to the extension of verification while a candidate can also opt for verification packages at the official website of NSR. The package selected or the fees can be paid to the EBC along with the documents.

The EBC also declares the results post verification at the NSR profile making the process apparently clear. Candidate can check the results himself after EBC sends the verification results on the email to the candidates.

Is there chances of correction in verification results if reports shows factual error?

The empanelled background checking authority listens regarding any factual error appearing in the reports. The candidate can approach the EBC with clarification and supporting documents. EBC will re-verify the data and correct it with actual remarks in the report.

What if candidate changes Job or acquires new qualification?

The NSR profile is a life time registered portfolio which can be modified and edited with any new data. A candidate is free to edit or upload further qualification degree and testimonials and Job certificates on his NSR profile. He will be required to be possessed with his allotted ITPIN and if in case, a candidate lost his ITPIN, than a duplicate card can be requested against it.

How NSR operates and what are its principles?

The web system of NSR is hosted by NSDL Database Management Limited (NDML) which is a very secure database management with having backup of parent organization i.e. NSDL. The credibility of the NSDL is thoroughly appreciated as it has been serving large databases concerning national security.

National Skills Registry works on certain principles which are also conforming to the initiative.

  • Right to register: Industry reference system is open to all those ambitious candidates who want to get some space in the IT industry and willing to register themselves validating their skills and qualifications.
  • Right to declare information: The principle states that the candidate must register with accurate details of his/her background, qualification and experience.
  • One person One profile: This makes sure that the uniqueness continues to be foremost as according to it, one candidate can create only one profile with no chance of duplicacy.
  • Information certification: This allows for a complete verification supported with a certificate with permission granted to cross verify credentials by the present employer or by a prospective employer.
  • Right to share information: The candidate can authorize NSR certified organization to access his profile for any verification while any present employer can also view the profile without any further permission, thereby maintaining professionalism and confidentiality.

What are the data security aspects and how to access the profile?

The data is absolutely secured with the NSR organization i.e. National Database Management Limited and the registered candidate can access or modify the details of his credentials for any updation. Also, the current employer and prospective company, if given authorization, can access the profile of the candidate.

A candidate after registration gets an identification pin i.e. ‘ITPIN’ and on the basis of it, the user can access his profile and can modify according to the upcoming experiences and job listings along with the authorization of entities who can view the resume.

Overall the NSR works as a platform to connect aspiring candidates willing to work in IT / ITeS industry with the organization who are searching for such candidates with suitable profiles in one go, not giving any extra burden on companies to cross-check the background of candidates. Global corporations also find this mechanism to be truly perfect for reviewing a candidate with a solidarity in its upbringing in the professional arena. NASSCOM also provides NSR mailbox to receive and resolve individual queries of the candidates at

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