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Section 80GG – Deduction in respect of rent paid

  • Only individual and HUF are allowed exemption under this section.
  • Only rent paid for purpose of residence of asseessee himself is considered under this section.
  • If individual is a salaried employee and receives House Rent Allowance (HRA) at any time during the previous year, he is not eligible for deduction.
  • The individual, his spouse or minor child (including step or adopted child) or HUF of which he is a member must not own a residential accommodation at a place where he ordinarily resides or performs duties of his office or employment or carries on his business or profession.
  • Also if the assessee (only assessee not any other person mentioned above) owns a residential accommodation at any other place but claims it as a self occupied property under head House Property, exemption is not available under this section.
  • Declaration under form 10BA is required to be filed.

Calculation of deduction:-

The amount deductible is least of the following:-

  1. Rs. 2000 per month (Rs. 5,000 per month from financial year 2016-17)
  2. 25% of total income
  3. Rent paid – 10% of total income

Total income excludes long term capital gain, short term capital gain under section 111A and income referred to in section 115A or 115D. But deductions under section 80C to 80U (except section 80GG itself) are deducted for calculating such total income.


  1. I am not receiving any hra but i am receiving rent reimbursement from my company. Can i claim deduction under section 80GG?

  2. HI ,

    I have submmited HRA proof to my company . But in form 16 it is not showing .
    Can I claim HRA exemtion .
    Do I need to submit proof while e filing return .
    Where should I mention the HRA exemtion amount . IS it under 80 gg or simple I shall deduct amount from my gross salary .


    • Prateek Agarwal

      Yes, you can claim deduction of HRA while filing ITR.
      HRA doesn’t come under section 80GG. Method of showing hra in ITR is given in this page

  3. Please explain
    I have to planning move to rent accommodation to leased accommodation. If i go i eligible HRA exemption

    • Rohit Pithisaria

      Yes you are eligible for HRA exemption if you are receiving it from the Employer and paying rent for house.

  4. Please explain Section 80 GG in the context of my problem.

    I have received HRA for 4 months during 2017-18 FY.

    I then joined a private job and did not get any HRA for the rest of the 8 months.

    Can I claim deduction for these 8 months OR the deduction can only be claimed for a complete financial year.

    Thank you very much.

    • Prateek Agarwal

      Yes, you can claim deduction for that 8 months. but not for those 4 months.