GST Return Status Checker (RSC) Support

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For adding GSTIN, you have two options – 



1) Add each GSTIN one by one


Click on GSTIN List from left menu and then click on Add New GSTIN button on right top. A new page will open with option to add details. Add the GSTIN and press tab button. All the details will be auto-fetched from GSTN. You can change the details if you want.



2) Import multiple GSTIN in a single time


Go to Import GSTIN from left menu. You has to import GSTIN two times, one time for those GSTIN who files GSTR-1 on monthly basis and second time for those GSTIN who files GSTR-1 on quarterly basis. 



Select the GSTR -1 to be filed, copy/paste all GSTIN and select the tags if you want to add tags to those GSTIN and click on Add all GSTIN. All the details will be fetched from GSTN portal and saved in database. It will take some time, so please keep patience.



We do not allow single GSTIN to be saved multiple times. Also, if a GSTIN is already saved 3 times in our system by any of our users then we do not allow to save that GSTIN. This is for stopping misuse of our free trial.


Also, we only saves GSTIN which is registered in regular scheme. UIN and GSTIN registered in composition scheme will not be saved and error is shown.

Check Return Status

To check return status go to Return Status from left menu. Select the return type and period.

If you want to check for GSTIN with specified tags, select one or more tags and the GSTIN will be filtered on basis of selected tags.

To check for all the GSTIN which are showing, click on “Check all GSTIN status” button. You can also check status for an individual GSTIN by clicking on check in right most column.

At present you can check status from April 2019 only.

While showing GSTIN in this page, the software also considers whether that return is required to be filed or not as per the registration date and cancellation date. For example: If a GSTIN is registered in month of May 2019 and you have selected April 2019 then such GSTIN will not be shown in the list. Note that cancellation date is only updated when you update it manually for the GSTIN.

“Not Checked” status means that the status for that GSTIN for selected return type and selected period has not been checked before. While “Not filed” status means that the return is not filed. We also show date of filing, if filed and date & time of last checking of status.

Buy Credits

To purchase credits, click on Upgrade Now button on top left. Select the number of credits you want to purchase and make payment. All credits have an expiry period of one year.


Tags can be used to group the GSTIN. For example: You are a business and want to check status for your suppliers. You can create tag with name Big Suppliers and add this tag to your supplier from which you make big purchases and thus have more effect on your input tax credit. Using tag is optional and you can also add more than one tag to a GSTIN.

Click on dropdown and select Add tag to create a new tag or go to Tag page from left menu and click on Add Tag button. You can add tags by selecting in tags dropdown at time of importing GSTIN. You can also go to Tag page from left menu and click on Add or Remove GSTIN button. All the GSTIN will be shown there and you can add or remove GSTIN from that tag.

To use a tag, select one or more tag on return status page and all the GSTIN with selected tags will be filtered. There is also an option of GSTIN with no tag, to show all GSTIN which doesn’t have tag allocated to it.

When importing GSTIN, if you add tags and some/all of the GSTIN are already there then an option will come to add selected tags to the already existing GSTIN. This way you can add a tag to already existing GSTIN also. This is useful in case a business checks return status of suppliers for every month. Business doesn’t purchase from every supplier in every month, so it can create a tag for the month and enter all GSTIN (including those already exists in software) and then use that tag to check status of only those suppliers which has that tag.

Export Return Status

To export return status in an excel file, click on Export button on return status page. Return status of all the selected return type and period will be exported in an excel file.

If you had used tags and want to export status for GSTIN filtered on tags then you can just copy the table by selecting whole table and paste it in excel file. It will work just like export.

How Credit Consumption is Counted

Checking GST Return Status of 1 GSTIN for 1 month/quarter consumes 1 credit. 


For Example, if you check all your 100 GSTIN status for October 2019 for GSTR-3B then 100 credit will be used. Suppose, 80 GSTIN status will be marked as Filed. Now user again check for status then only 20 GSTIN status will be checked, so 20 credits will be used. 


You can also check status of each GSTIN individually.

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