How the New Tax Will Impact the Online Casinos in India

Will India Impose the New 28% Tax on the Online Casino Market The Indian online gambling sector has soared over the past years, and the second-most populated country has become one of the most promising markets. Players can find numerous domestic and offshore operators and enjoy all forms of online gambling. Since online gambling is […]

Manage Your Bajaj Finserv EMI Network Card Online at Home!

Common problems often faced by various individuals are the guilt and anxiety around making big-ticket purchases and extremely hassle-ridden EMI payment tenures. However, Bajaj Finserv consumer portals such as the Bajaj Finserv EMI customer care number, their SMS line and the Bajaj Experia Portal make this process as smooth as butter on a hot pan.  […]

Save TDS on FD Interest with Form 15G and 15H

TDS, also known as Tax Deducted at Source is a direct taxation mechanism that facilitates direct tax collection from the source at the time of the income payout. The deducted TDS amount will be remitted to the Central Government. TDS is levied on a number of income avenues such as FD interest, EPF withdrawal, income […]

Indian Income Tax Reflects on Online Casino Gamblers

As in many Asian countries, online gambling has been on the rise in the last several years in India. At the same time, India has very complex gambling laws and regulations, alongside quite a few gambling restrictions that possibly undermine the industry’s amazing growth potential. When discussing the legality of gambling in India, it is […]

Ways to Leverage Co-Working Space For Your Business

With the increased competition in the field of business today, one has to do whatever it takes to survive. Up to the mark strategies, perfect management of resources and continuous expansion are just a few of the many steps involved in the process of developing a successful business. Today, many small business owners understand the […]

What is Overdraft (OD) and Cash Credit (CC) & Difference Between Them

A businessman has two options while taking a loan for his business. Either to opt for long term funding like LAP (Loan against property) or to go for flexible funding like Cash Credit (CC) or Overdraft (OD). Long term funding generally carries a lower rate of interest while flexible funding gives opportunity to save interest […]

10 Essential Tools That Will Help You Grow Your Business to New Heights

There are so many opportunities and challenges attached to running and growing a business which is why you could often do with some help in the form of some essential tools that make the task easier. Administrative tasks such as dealing with TDS payments (tax deducted at source), legal contracts, etc. can take up valuable […]

Essential Elements of Sales Invoice

Invoice is necessary for every business as you need it if you are selling and purchasing some goods or services. Every company or business is required to keep it in records. This is the reason it is considered an important document. Some important elements need to be included in every invoice. But one should take […]

E-invoicing under GST

GST council had implemented this e-invoicing feature in its 35th meeting which applies to the special category of individuals. Many people misunderstood this term as generation of invoice on GST portal but this is not so. E-invoice is a process of submission of already generated invoices on an e-invoice portal. E-Invoicing in detail is the […]

Must Have features for a billing software

Every business needs complete software that can make their tasks easier. But it is difficult to find such complete software. Customized software is preferred that can be changed according to the requirements. A software generally comes with a long list of features that are not required for every business. There are just a few features […]