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Setting Up of OTP Forwarder App

OTP Forwarder App is available for download on Play store at https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.taxadda.app.otpforworded&hl=en

OTP Forwarder App is available at present for android users only. At present there is only one version in which a CA or Tax Practitioner can purchase the subscription of app and use it for unlimited clients and unlimited messages.

We are soon launching another version which can be purchased by client itself.

Features and Requirement for App

  1. CA/Tax Practitioner purchases the subscription but Android app is to be installed by their clients only.
  2. CAs are not required to install any app on their mobile.
  3. CAs will receive OTP through SMS only.
  4.  CA can add up to 5 numbers on which they want to receive OTP. But this does not means that OTP will be forwarded to all such numbers.
    For example- Partner A looks for Client X work and Partner B looks for Client Y work. CA has to insert numbers of both Partners (A and B) at time of setting up. But Client X has to add only Partner A number and Client Y has to add Partner B number in their respective apps. This way client X OTP will be forwarded to A only and client Y OTP will be forwarder to B only.
    A client can also add up to 5 numbers. In that case OTP will be forwarded to all such numbers.

Setting Up by CA (First time Just after purchasing subscription)


Editing or Adding details anytime thereafter


Setting Up by Client

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