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HRA Calculator – Monthly & Yearly Calculations

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(Delhi, Mumbai, Kolkata or Chennai)

HRA Exempt :

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If there is any change in the amount of salary, rent or HRA or city of residence from metro to non-metro or vice versa during the year then such deduction is calculated on monthly basis so we have made our hra calculator for yearly as well as monthly calculations.

House Rent Allowance (HRA) is an allowance paid by the employer to its employees for covering their house rent.

A deduction from such HRA is allowed under section 10(13A), which is least of the following: –

  • HRA received
  • 40% of salary (50% of the salary if the rented property is in Metro City i.e. Mumbai, Delhi, Chennai or Kolkata)
  • Actual rent paid less 10% of salary

You can use this HRA calculator to calculate deduction allowed for HRA under section 10(13A) and Rule 2A of the Income Tax Act.

Meaning of salary for HRA exemption calculation

  • Salary includes basic salary, dearness allowance (if it enters into retirement benefits) and fixed percentage commission on turnover achieved by the employee.
  • Salary is taken on the due basis for HRA calculation.
  • Salary is taken only for the period for which House Rent Allowance is received.
Basic Salary + Dearness Allowance (Rs 1,00,000 * 12)


HRA (Rs 45,000 *12)


Rent of house in Delhi (Rs 30,000 * 12)


a) HRA received


b) 50% of the salary as the rented property is in metro city


c) Actual rent paid less 10% of salary (3,60,000 – 1,20,000)


HRA Exempt under section 10(13A) (least of the above)


Form 12BB is required to be filed with the employer if you want your employer to take this deduction into consideration and deduct a lower amount of TDS. The amount of rent payable and the details of the landlord along with the PAN is to be written in form 12BB.



    I am RAMA MOORTHI M, I entered wrong assessment year 2015-2016 instead of 2016-2017 in my last year IT return form. So i got big outstanding demand. During the year 2015-2016, i was not in the tax paying slab i.e my income was <250000. I paid(deducted by my company) my tax money for the year 2016-2017. please help me to solve this issue.

    • Rohit Pithisaria

      You can file a revised return (even below taxable) for the assessment year 2015-16 with your correct income details.

  2. I was getting HRA with my previous employer till June & in July I joined another comapny but here HRA is not part of my salary, But I am paying rent, Kindly tell me if I can claim the exemption for the period when I joined the new company.

  3. I Went to Dubai to work at client site for 1 month.
    So actually i was there in Dubai for that month but I paid rent as can’t leave home just for 1 month.
    Can I file HRA for that month ?

  4. I am trying to self submit my ITR application, but can’t locate the section 10 (13A) under the Deductions section. Am I missing something? Where do I submit my HRA income deduction claim

  5. Sir my annual basic + grade pay is Rs.282639 and DA is 372392 .I get HRA @10% of basic n GP = Rs.27642. I pay annual rent of Rs.66000.Please let me know how much exemption I can avail u/s 10(13A).

    • Prateek Agarwal

      Only Rs. 496.89 is exempt as per following calculation.

      HRA Received – Rs 27,642.00
      50% of Salary – Rs 3,27,515.5
      Rent Paid minus 10% of Salary – Rs 496.89

  6. Hello Sir I want to calculate my HRA My Basic Salary 145681+ DA 170512 =316193 & I received 13951 HRA Or I pay 24000 HRA for the year 2016-17. How much HRA exempted

    • Prateek Agarwal

      Minimum of following is exempt which is Rs. 0 in your case. So you can not claim any hra exemption.
      HRA Received – Rs 13,951.00
      50% of Salary – Rs 1,58,096.5
      Rent Paid minus 10% of Salary – Rs 0.00

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