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5 Common Mistake of Newbie Investors

mistakes of new investors

The common man is not an experienced and professional investor. They make investments sparingly hoping that it will set them for life. They make investments with the hope that they will be able to buy a home, educate their children, and have …

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Masala bonds

Masala Bonds

Introduction International Finance Corporation (IFC) issued and listed new debt instruments by the name of Masala Bonds on London Stock Exchange (LSE) to gather funds from foreign investors to invest in India. This can help foreign investors diversify their exposure to Indian …

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Loan against PPF Account

Loan against ppf

PPF referred to as Public Provident Fund is the safest & secure investment option. You can invest money into PPF & earn a fixed rate of interest as fixed by the government. It is similar to bank saving account with maturity period …

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Types or Classification of Mutual Funds

Types or Classification of Mutual Fund

Mutual funds is a trust that is managed by the professionals, whose main task is to gather funds from different investors & further invest them in various securities such as bonds, stocks, precious metals, etc. The funds are invested in such a …

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7 Golden Rules to Invest Smartly

7 Golden rules to invest smartly

“Invest smartly to get maximum returns” should be the motto of person taking investment decisions. Every Individual wishes to invest their money in some profitable venture. To fulfill this desire, he is required to do detailed research & take the decision after …

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