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TDS Return – Due Date & Penalty Calculator

Is this TDS is on purchase on Immovable property* :
  Yes     No
TDS Return for the Quarter ending on* :
Date of payment/credit in case of purchase of immovable property* :
Total TDS required to be deducted :
Actual date of filing TDS Return :

Due Date of TDS Return :

Delay in filing TDS Return (In Days) :

Late fee for fiing TDS Return u/s 234E amounting to Rs 200 per day (maximum to TDS amount) :

Penalty u/s 271H is applicable which is Rs 10,000 (may be exteded to Rs 1,00,000) :

This calculator covers the followings:-

1) Due date of TDS return
You can calculate TDS return due date for TDS deducted on immovable property and on salary/non salary payments. This calculator calculate TDS for the quarter June 2016 and thereafter.

2) Penalty in delay in filing of TDS return under section 234E
Penalty of Rs 200 per day is applicable on delay in submission of TDS return upto a maximum amount of TDS which is considered by this calculator.

3) Penalty in delay in filing of TDS return under section 271H
Penalty of Rs 10,000 (which can go upto Rs 1,00,000) can be levied if the return is not filed within one year from the due date of filing return which is considered by this calculator.

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