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Accounts details for getting funds via wire transfer in India

If you want to receive funds in Indian bank account via wire transfer from abroad, then you are required to provide the below information to the remitter: –

1) Account Holder Name – The name of the person who is the owner of the bank account. Provide the exact name as it is appearing in your bank statement or passbook.

2) Bank Name – The bank name with which you are maintaining your bank account.

3) IFSC – The IFSC code of your bank branch. It consists of 11 character which identify your bank and branch. You can find this code in the cheque/statement. You can search your branch IFSC code on this website.

4) SWIFT-BIC – It consists of 8 or 11 characters. It is particularly used in international wire transfer. Many big branches have their own SWIFT-BIC code but if your home branch does not have its own code then you can use the SWIFT code of the International/Forex branch of your city. Even if you do not have any such branches in your city then you use the SWIFT code of main head office branch of your bank which is usually located in metro cities. You can search your branch SWIFT-BIC code on this website.

5) Account Number – The bank account number of the recipient. You are required to provide exactly similar account number (with leading zeros) which is printed in your bank statement or passbook.

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  1. I think website u mentioned on this article is not providing all banks ifsc codes. i have searched ifsc codes from http://www.bankifscfinder.com/ and i was able to find the codes along with swift codes.

    i think given websites in article is not updating banks.

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